Retainer Programs: What’s YOUR Plan?

Dr. Blair Feldman, orthodontist and co-founder of Retainer Club, will share insights and learnings from 7 years as ‘The Retainer Guy.’    In this session, Dr. Feldman will look at all aspects of post-orthodontic care and the tremendous financial benefits a good plan can bring to your practice. He will share data from users of… Continue reading Retainer Programs: What’s YOUR Plan?

Build Windmills, Not Walls

In this session, Dr. Jamie Reynolds delivers his memorable NEXUS 2023 wrap-up session. He encourages practices to build windmills to fuel growth, rather than bunkering down to take shelter, during our current economic climate. Be sure to join us as Dr. Reynolds delivers some timely messages and warnings to practices who are still determining the… Continue reading Build Windmills, Not Walls

Fuel Your Success by Leaning Into Change

Dr. Skopek, a clear aligner orthodontist with a strong tiered treatment program, has built a $2 million practice with just two employees. His hyper-efficient business model adds significant additional clinical capacity through Skopek Remote and by outsourcing many team tasks. In this session, Dr. Skopek will show us how his practice uses change to fuel… Continue reading Fuel Your Success by Leaning Into Change