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OrthoFi takes on the full burden of managing patient billing, collections and insurance processing for both new and existing patients so that your team can remain laser-focused on growing the practice.

End-to-End Claims Management

The average office spends over 2,000 hours per year on insurance and collection processes alone. Save time and improve accuracy with fully-automated, real-time claim coding and electronic submission. OrthoFi manages the entire lifecycle of your insurance claims, from submission to follow-up to full reimbursement, including reverification, secondary filing, coverage changes, and underpay/overpay resolution. Our trained professionals follow-up on a daily basis to deliver outstanding results so that your team can focus on growth.

Secure Payment Processing

Cloud-based, HIPAA-Compliant lockbox service eliminates paperwork and minimizes exposure to theft or embezzlement. Electronic remittance and funds-transfer enrollment for faster payment turnaround and enhanced audit traceability.

Professional Patient Billing & Collections

Enjoy industry-leading collections performance without the headaches of in-house accounts receivables. OrthoFi partners with your practice to process payments, post and collect on past-due accounts for both new and existing patients. Our comprehensive 180-day collection protocol sets the gold standard for delinquency management, delivering >97% net collection rates, so you can start more patients without sacrificing cash-flow. With the #1 revenue cycle management solution in the industry, your entire staff is free to focus on what actually drives your business.

Infinite Scalability

As you grow, OrthoFi leverages proven professional systems to support the scale of your business, reducing the ongoing challenges of hiring, training, process development, and financial oversight.

  • Reduce disruptions and be better prepared for unexpected turnover
  • Streamline onboarding of new staff and location expansion
  • Scales infinitely and efficiently with practice growth
  • Offsite cash management provides improved financial controls and peace of mind

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Top Performing Practices Use OrthoFi, The Leader In Same-Day Contracts.


Total A/R


Net Collections


of Patient A/R Reaches Day 10 of Delinquency


Insurance Past Due

“It’s nice to have it all in one package. The insurance is being billed by them, the patient payments are being taken by them. If there’s a problem with the credit card, they’re following up with it. It’s like your own little mini practice management software where you can run reports, you can see day to day what’s happening. It’s really incredible and I always say you should look at it. It’s been the best thing that’s happened to our practice.”

Dr. Donna Galante, Cater Galante Orthodontics

“Forming a partnership with OrthoFi helped streamline how patient and insurance payments flow into our office. Since day 1 we've used the most flexible model possible for all of our patient payment plans. And since day 1, OrthoFi's collection rate for our office has been over 99.7% current. Being the most financially flexible practice in my area has been great for attracting new patients as well.”

Dr. Jeremy Smith, Smith & Davis Orthodontics

“The slider definitely makes treatment affordable, but it’s just a small piece of the overall value of the system. OrthoFi frees up our team to step up to the next level and to focus on what matters most — giving patients the best care and service. We're no longer burdened by insurance and collections. OrthoFi takes all of that off our plate.”

Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dischinger Orthodontics

“As a TC I would make mistakes and I wouldn’t give the right insurance benefit and I don’t have to worry about that because OrthoFi worrying about that for me and not having to chase on collections and not having to have those uncomfortable conversations with parents, I really can spend my day thinking about how do I get the phone to ring, how do I market the practice and bring in new business because I’m running the practice offensively now and not defensively.”

Cathy Hazen, Office Manager, Dr. Michael Lanzetta, DDS, PC

“For those docs that are into metrics, you will be blown away. I am now tracking my individual TC conversion rates and which docs perform better with different TCs. I also know where I am compared to other OrthoFi practices so I can concentrate on the areas I need to work on. OrthoFi gives me the competitive edge when it comes to common-place multiple opinions.”

Dr. Terry Giangreco, Get It Straight Orthodontics

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