Patients see an average of 2.5 orthodontists before saying “YES”... BE THE ONE.

Same-day contracts directly correlate with overall conversion rate and practice growth. That’s why top performing orthodontic practices use OrthoFi, the leader in Same-Day Contracts

Streamline Patient Onboarding

Say goodbye to the clipboards and deliver a smooth, contactless onboarding process that gets results. OrthoFi’s mobile-friendly forms and text message reminders deliver over 80% early form completion so that you have everything you need before they even get to the office. OrthoFi also integrates with many leading practice management systems to save your team time by minimizing dual data entry and making it easier to stay on top of delinquent accounts.

Full-Service Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Timely insurance checks correlate with same-day contracts. That’s why OrthoFi provides full-service eligibility verification AND benefits calculation prior to exams, including in-network and same-day checks. With OrthoFi, your TC’s are ready to get the same-day contract by presenting a tailored treatment plan with accurate patient responsibility at every consult.

The Only Open-Choice Slider Powered By 'Intelligent Flexibility'

OrthoFi’s open-choice slider is proven to increase same-day contracts and overall conversion rate by empowering patients to choose quality treatment over price. Our patent-pending algorithm is powered by ‘Intelligent Flexibility’ financing options that accelerate practice growth while balancing cash-flow and delinquency risk. With the power of open choice, you not only get better conversion, but you can leverage higher down and monthly choices to help offset more extended options.


Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Data shows the most significant area of lost production is practices not focusing enough time and resources on pending and recall management. OrthoFi simplifies pending management with push-driven follow up reminders that help ensure no pending patient slips through the cracks. OrthoFi Sign@Home helps you capitalize on every pending opportunity without having to relentlessly follow up by allowing patients to review treatment plans, accept treatment, sign their contract and even make their down payment from anywhere.


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Top Performing Practices Use OrthoFi, The Leader In Same-Day Contracts.


Average practice growth.


higher same-day conversion rate vs industry average


same-day contracts is the average for top 50 practices


of patients start treatment from home, afterhours or on weekend


higher conversion rate for pending management CRM users

“I really enjoyed the onboarding experience. With every other office, I've either had to print out my forms or arrive early. The text and email reminders were so helpful. It was really easy to fill out my forms from my phone and it's great that I can share these payment plan options with my wife. I've got a busy schedule with my kids, so thank you for making this process so easy!”

Patient of an OrthoFi Practice

“How did anyone do Treatment Coordinating before OrthoFi!? I love it! Customer Support is super helpful and friendly every time I call. OrthoFi has thought of everything, really streamlined the whole exam process and made same-day starts so much easier!”

Melanie Adamson, Treatment Coordinator, Depew Orthodontics

“OrthoFi gives me the freedom to focus on treating every patient to the very best clinical result. With OrthoFi, we’re investing in the patient experience, in making treatment more affordable. Our return on that investment is unmatched.”

Dr. Michael Lanzetta, Dr. Michael Lanzetta, DDS, PC

“OrthoFi enabled our practice to open a second office without hiring additional staff. The benefits stretch far beyond financing – the new patient onboarding process is elegant and easy. We focus on treating the patient, and OrthoFi takes care of business.”

Cathy Hazen, Office Manager, Dr. Michael Lanzetta, DDS, PC

“We’ve always had a 3 step consult process. It worked for us so we never thought of changing it. During our training with OrthoFi we decided to try for a 1 step process and on the first day we got 3 same day starts! We never knew that was possible and can’t wait to continue this new process!”

Hammond Orthodontics

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