Standing Out in the Direct-To-Consumer Ortho Era


In case you missed it! We recently hosted a webinar with Dr. Jep Paschal, an industry leader bringing cutting edge orthodontic products, methodologies and techniques to his patients. In his own practice, Dr. Paschal has come up with a unique answer to the direct-to-consumer trend by simplifying his treatment options and fee model and using OrthoFi to measure his success.

What you’ll learn:

  • New tiered pricing system to help convert more patients considering direct-to-consumer treatment options
  • Simplified treatment protocols that deliver quality results
  • Reduce treatment time and overhead with in-house digital solutions
  • Achieve your practice goals using OrthoFi and measure your performance against other similar practices


About Dr. Jep Paschal

As a well-known and in-demand innovator and educator, Dr. Paschal lectures worldwide to doctors, staff and residents in orthodontic training programs on the most advanced orthodontic trends, techniques, and technologies that improve patient care. Dr. Paschal is one of only a few orthodontists who is trained in both Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. As such, he brings a diverse knowledge base and set of skills to best advise and treat his patients and work with their referring dentists and medical doctors to develop a treatment plan that will meet their needs.


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