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Expert InSight
May 24, 2024
12 PM ET, 9 AM PT
If at First You Don't Succeed: The Secrets to Unlocking the Code of Perseverance
Discover practical strategies to unlock perseverance's secrets in a world where instant gratification and "TikTok" attention spans often prevail.
Spotlight On
April 26, 2024
12 PM ET, 9 AM PT
Innovating Patient Care: The Intersection of Technology and Orthodontic Excellence
Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Dr. Tara Gostovich and Brooke Oliphant to explore the strategies behind Dr. Gostovich's thriving practice.
Expert InSight
April 25, 2024
8 PM ET, 5 PM PT
Charting a New Course: Revolutionizing the Orthodontic Office Organization
Unlock the untapped potential of your orthodontic practice and propel it into the future by redefining the foundations of your organizational structure.
May 3, 2024
1:00-5:00 PM
Cultivating Raving Fans: Elevating the Customer Experience Throughout the New Patient Journey
Join us for a transformative session that will reshape your approach to new patient interactions, ensuring success even before they arrive.
May 4, 2024
11:50 AM–1:15 PM
Winning Strategies for Adult Starts
Discover how to not only attract adult patients but also create an environment where they feel valued and confident in their journey toward a beautiful, healthy smile.
About the Education Series

Fuel your business and professional growth with OrthoFi’s education opportunities. Our continuously curated lineup of online and in-person events features the most successful practices and brilliant minds in the industry. Discover emerging trends, best practices, and the metrics that matter to help you build and grow your business.