Mastering the Virtual Consultation


There’s no question that COVID-19 has changed the orthodontics world almost overnight. Practices everywhere are now challenged to rethink the way they operate — and quickly. As virtual consultations continue to increase in popularity as a way to stay connected with patients, have you considered how your patient on-boarding processes will sync up to ensure they’re successful?

We’re excited to share this webinar recording with you and your practice staff to hear from two of the orthodontic industry’s leaders in Treatment Coordination and Practice Management as they share tips and best practices for navigating through virtual patient consults to ensure you’re ready to deliver a best-in-class patient experience and maximize your conversions. Check out this amazing learning opportunity, where our hosts, Cathy Hazen and Janelle Baum share:
  • Tips and tricks on how to align your patient onboarding processes to effectively execute virtual consults in your practice.
  • Strategies and recipes for success to enable your practice to continue converting patients from home.
  • How utilizing OrthoFi’s proven patient acquisition flow enhances the virtual consult and empowers more patients say “YES!” to treatment through ‘Intelligent Flexibility’ and the power of Open-Choice.



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