The TC Toolbox: Secrets and Stories for a High-Performing Team with Janelle Baum


Enjoy this special webinar with TC Overachiever, Janelle Baum, as she shares her secrets and stories from her experience cultivating a high-performing team dynamic at Aszkler Orthodontics. Janelle is back with more value (and laughs) than ever! It’s 2022 and your practice is having to work twice as hard to convert patients compared to last year, but your conversion goals haven’t changed. How do you adapt? This webinar is meant to add Janelle’s typical “Valuetainment” for doctors and teams alike.

About the Speaker


As a Certified Clown with a B.A. degree in Theatre from the State University at Buffalo, and as a Treatment Coordinator (TC) at Aszkler Orthodontics in Buffalo, NY, Janelle’s relationship-building superpowers were—and continue to be—evident with every new patient experience. Her upbeat, infectious personality combined with outstanding office comradery and clinical skills makes every office visit a memorable one—and an indispensable talent in today’s competitive orthodontics market.

Janelle’s unique ability to combine professionalism with a healthy dose of witty humor makes every encounter with her easy, fun, and unforgettable. As an experienced TC in the Ortho industry, she is poised to empower ortho offices everywhere to exceed patient expectations, grow their businesses, and make everyone SMILE.

If she looks (or sounds) familiar, that’s because she has been featured twice on Jill Allen’s HeyDocs! Podcast, Multi Peak Marketing Podcast, Straight Talk, and many webinars with topsOrtho, OrthoFi, and LightForce Orthodontics.