The Power of PREsuasion ft. Brian Wright


The OrthoFi + OrthoBanc Expert InSight webinar series presents:

Brian Wright, Founder & CEO of New Patient Group, host of the New Patient Group Podcast, and Managing Partner of WrightChat.

No typo here. Let’s talk PREsuasion, not PERsuasion. Data indicates that people are calling upwards of five practices before deciding which to visit and visiting upwards of three before making a buying decision. The psychological teachings in this powerful presentation will have you rethinking every step you take before new patients arrive at your practice.

Discover innovative ways to increase new patients, same-day starts, and revenue while reducing advertising costs, stress, and new patient no-shows. Simply put, you can increase starts and lessen headaches before the new patient even arrives at your practice.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why your Receptionist is your new Treatment Coordinator (they are your ultimate sales machine, not a data collector)
  • Strategies to get people to buy treatment before arriving at your practice
  • How to use the power of video to increase starts and reduce no-shows
  • Ways to minimize chaos with improved efficiencies
  • Advanced sales, psychology, and hospitality skillsets to wow prospective patient


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