The Orthopreneurs Podcast: What is OrthoFi really about and what can we learn from their data?


OrthoFi’s co-Founder and CEO, Dave Ternan, recently sat down with Dr. Glenn Krieger on his very popular Orthopreneurs Podcast to share his insight into how OrthoFi is helping make life easier for our clients.

Throughout the show, Dave explains how OrthoFi was created by orthodontists, for orthodontists, to help practices increase their conversions and simplify their practices. He also dives into the industry-leading conversion data we’ve collected from over 400,000 patient starts and more than $2 Billion in orthodontic production to build the foundation for the algorithms in the software to maximize results for our practices.

As many orthodontists serve as the “CEO” of their practice, Dr. Krieger asks Dave for his advice as a businessman, and how to translate that to being an effective practice owner.

To start, invest in your product by providing great care and quality treatment people can trust and have faith in. Second is your team and getting talented people on board, and knowing how to coach them. Finally, obsessing over your customers or your patients and finding ways to differentiate your practice through the patient experience.

You can find this podcast episode here on SoundCloud, or on your favorite podcast app!


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