Selling the Upsell: Presentation Tactics that Produce Winning Results


Level up your sales confidence and support the financial health of your practice by learning the secrets behind high-level converting and “selling the upsell.” More shoppers are adults who want problem-focused or cosmetic-only treatment, and how you guide these shoppers toward solutions will determine your degree of success.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Better tactics to understand what your prospect wants, needs, fears, and is excited about related to Orthodontic treatment
  • Proven ways to add upfront costs with winning results
  • How to overcome sales excuses related to money and affordability




Brooke “The Closer” Oliphant is a coach, speaker, best-selling author, and founder of Straight-Up Sales Orthodontic Coaching. She is a former award-winning Treatment Coordinator and life-long entrepreneur who partners with practices to support elevated profitability by creating a world-class new patient experience, increasing same-day contracts, and transforming TCs into confident sales rockstars.