How to Transform Your Practice Growth By Creating a Fun, Customer-centric Patient Experience


In this free webinar, Dr. Robert Aszkler and Treatment Coordinator extraordinaire Janelle Baum of Aszkler Orthodontics share valuable insights and actionable takeaways for how to transform your practice and accelerate same-day conversion rates by creating a world-class patient experience built around today’s orthodontic consumers.

Here’s what Doctors & Treatment Coordinators will learn:

  • How to create an office culture centered around delivering a world-class patient experience.
  • How to create content and leverage social media to gain attention in your community.
  • The importance of having the right systems in place to maximize same-day contracts.
  • How and when to prepare your new patients for starting same-day.
  • Proven strategies and techniques to get Treatment Coordinators converting over 80% same-day.



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