Get Uncomfortable to Fuel Growth and Innovation in 2024


In a tight economy and a rapidly evolving orthodontic landscape, the true catalysts of growth emerge when we dare to innovate and extend beyond the boundaries of comfort. In this webinar, OrthoFi’s CMO and Amazon bestselling author, Oliver Gelles, will provide a big-picture layout of the themes that will drive 2024 and beyond. 

WARNING: This will push you to step outside your comfort zone and challenge the status quo. Are you ready to Get UNcomfortable?




Oliver Gelles is the Chief Marketing Officer for OrthoFi and OrthoBanc. Widely recognized as one of the industry’s foremost strategic brand-building experts, he has over 20 years of experience in the orthodontic industry, contributing to continuing education events and technology innovation for nearly a decade. Oliver’s recently published book on practice management, “Level the Curve”, is a #1 bestseller in six categories on Amazon. With a passion for orthodontics, Oliver leverages his business acumen to lecture around the world on many of the core concepts that prompted the creation of OrthoFi.