Evolving Industry Trends with Digital Solutions and Patient Expectations


Orthodontics is constantly evolving with emerging technologies, treatment modalities, and patient expectations. To stay competitive, relevant, and profitable, you need to embrace and adapt to these changes. This process requires effective leadership and management skills. In an economy where staffing is one of the largest practice struggles, you must nail this process.

  • Develop leadership skills for strategic integration of digital solutions to increase profitability
  • Understand evolving patient expectations in the context of technological advancements
  • Identify and understand challenges in staffing within the changing orthodontic landscape




Michelle Shimmin is an international lecturer, trainer, and consultant who has been in the field of orthodontics since 1990, working as a Registered Dental Assistant, teaching orthodontic assisting, marketing, financials, treatment coordinating, and practice management. Michelle travels the country and helps transform orthodontic offices on their systems to promote training, growth, and success through a comprehensive practice approach. Michelle is one of the most sought-after trainers with many lecture events every year, both domestic and international.