The First Patient Acquisition, Insurance Management & Patient Collections Solution


OrthoFi is a software and service solution designed to increase your starts and simplify your life. Our end-to-end solution streamlines patient onboarding, stimulates more conversions, and takes on the in-house burden of insurance, patient billing & collections so that you can focus on what matters most.

Our Solutions

Patient Acquisition

From call to consult to contract, OrthoFi's patient acquisition platform streamlines onboarding and stimulates higher conversion rates by empowering Treatment Coordinators to present tailored treatment plans with accurate patient responsibility at every consult.
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Revenue Cycle Management

OrthoFi frees practice teams to focus on growth by taking on the full burden of patient billing, collections & insurance processing for both new & existing patients. With the #1 revenue cycle management solution in the industry, you can start more patients without sacrificing collections.
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Data & Analytics

OrthoFi provides the most comprehensive production trend data in the industry to help you focus on the right things for driving higher conversion rates and meaningful growth. Monitor key performance metrics 24/7 in real-time to ensure your growth is sustainable.
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Top Performing Practices Use OrthoFi, The Leader In Same-Day Contracts.

With over 500,000 starts and more than $2.5 Billion in orthodontic production, OrthoFi customers achieve 14% average practice growth with same-day conversion rates 2X higher than the industry average.


in orthodontic production.


starts from more than 500 practice locations.


average practice growth.


higher same-day conversion rate vs industry average.


net collection rate.


eligibility checks delivered.
"When OrthoFi says, 'created by orthodontists for orthodontists', that is not just a slogan. It’s really the truth. OrthoFi actively listens to our pain points and helps our practice eliminate them in real time.”
“OrthoFi frees up our team to step up to the next level and to focus on what matters most — giving patients the best care and service. It easily pays for itself with the tremendous growth it's adding to our office.”
“Our staff wouldn't dream of operating without OrthoFi and the value that it brings to our practice. From patient onboarding, to fee presentation, insurance verification, account management, and the ability to compare practice metrics to national data, we would not be half the practice that we are without it.”
“When we signed on with OrthoFi we saw a tremendous amount of practice growth. We grew 23% the first year, another 19% the second year, and we're still growing with OrthoFi.”
“I have been an OrthoFi customer for more than five years. Having the system has really helped to automate a lot of functions in our practice. It's allowed my team to concentrate more on other important areas such as customer service and marketing. And it's made it very easy for patients to begin treatment. What they do behind the scenes is amazing. I like leaving that to the experts.”

Dr. John Graham, Graham Orthodontics

Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dischinger Orthodontics

Dr. Jep Paschal, Paschal Orthodontics

Dr. Andy Young, Lustig & Young Orthodontics

Dr. Doug Depew, Depew Orthodontics


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