How to Perfect the 45-Minute Doctorless Exam ft. Brooke Oliphant


Doctorless exams are a powerful tool to help you increase patient volume, improve patient satisfaction, and boost your practice’s bottom line. If you’re looking to elevate your sales skills and increase value in your practice, don’t miss this opportunity to discover the benefits of doctorless consultations.

You will learn how to:

  • Structure the appointment to help secure a same-day start
  • Navigate common pushbacks from a prospect
  • “Sell” doctorless exams to your doctor



About the Speaker

Brooke “The Closer” Oliphant is a born entrepreneur and the owner of Straight-Up Sales Orthodontic Coaching. With a passion for helping businesses flourish long-term, she works with growth-focused Orthodontists and Treatment Coordinators who are passionate about their business, career, impact, and lifestyle.